Very helpful

We hired our caregiver through the agency, Vancouver Island Caregivers.  Ley was very helpful in screening candidates and arranging interviews. She was sensitive to our needs. She was prompt in returning calls and emails and very flexible, offering to come and pick up the necessary documents.  I also appreciated her follow up support when questions arose at a later date. It worked out very well. For the past few months, we have had a live-in caregiver for my elderly mother. It has been an excellent solution for our concerns about her safety and well being. My mother is 93 and still living alone in our family home. She has a number of health issues and very limited mobility. But she has a strong independent spirit. Our lovely young caregiver has joined our family and provided the companionship, safety and medical support my mother desperately needs at this time. She manages the household and keeps in close touch with us. We feel so fortunate to have this option available. As we, the children, are growing older ourselves, it is a great relief to share the care and responsibility. Our caregiver works from the heart and has an extensive nursing background. A combination that ensures the best possible care.