Success Stories

George & Stathis

Van Isle Caregivers Ltd. welcomes our newest international partner in Europe ( Cyprus). GEORGE and STATHIS are excited to support those immigrating who want to achieve their dreams. Have a safe trip flight back to your Country and see you both on our Free consultation/ Seminar on May 2019.

Hope Mary Grace

I would like to welcome my overseas worker to join my company, Vancouver Island Caregivers. She came all the way from HONG KONG. Hope Mercy Grace 😊 Congratulations and welcome to Canada🍸🍸🍸

Jonessa Tagnong

Finally arrived! After a tough journey, We at Vancouver Island Caregivers extend our warmest Canadian welcome to Jonessa Tagnong!
The wait, effort, and challenges were all worth it because to reach this successful moment is what really matters the most.
Thank you to our Immigration Consultant, Lalaine Austero, who never gave up and pushed the pressure on for a positive ending, “overturning a refusal to an approval”. Good job T Lalaine Austero💋
And now, Jonessa can begin her new journey in Canada!

Rielle Lyne

On behalf of Vancouver Island Caregivers Ltd., I am excited to welcome Rielle Lyne from SINGAPORE😊 Taking care of young children has been her passion and she will be able to continue providing care for children as she joins her new family and a new home in Canada. Thank you to our Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant, Lalaine Austero, for working on her application which only took 3 weeks to be approved! We wish Norielyn a memorable and lasting journey as she begins her new life in Canada!

Anna Manaay

I would like to welcome Anna Manaay all the way from HONG KONG. It warms our hearts to feel the joy of Vancouver Island Caregivers brings to those joining us in Canada. Amazing only 4 weeks for approval with No interview! Welcome to Canada Ann

Gi Nieva

It is with great pleasure to welcome the arrival of Gi Nieva at Vancouver Island Caregivers as a successful caregiver applicant, which we were able to obtain in less than two months! We wish you a great journey as you enter a new chapter of your life in Canada Gina! We at Vancouver Island Caregivers hope you achieve success at every point now and in your future!! Congratz and welcome to Canada❤️

Charlina Guinocor

It gives Vancouver Island Caregivers Ltd., great pleasure and commitment to providing our clients with excellent service. And to start this year, we gladly welcome Charlina Guinocor Soriano who arrived in BC last January as an In-Home Caregiver. Her employer obtained LMIA approval in two months and Charlina received her visa to travel in one and a half month via Hong Kong. Thank you once again to our Immigration Consultant, Lalaine Austero, for a successful and speedy service. Welcome to Canada Charito and cheers!!!!!🥂

Andrea Monique Deang

Van Isle Caregivers Ltd. welcoming and catching up with Andrea Monique Deang, our international student who arrived last December 2017 and her husband, Roy Cesar Muego who accompanied her on an OPEN WORK PERMIT.
Andrea Monique is actively pursuing her Hospitality Management at Sprott Shaw, Vancouver and Roy are working full time to provide additional support as a loving husband. It was great to meet them and know that they are both very happy and doing great as newcomers to Canada. Thank you Lalaine Austero, our immigration consultant, who helped them overcome some immigration challenges throughout the journey of applying and coming to Canada. Lalaine was present to answer more immigration questions and give insight to future pathways for them. Again congratz Roy and Monique and welcome to Canada! 🥂🥂🥂🥂

Vanessa Datoy Lacar

On behalf of Vancouver Island Caregiver Ltd., I would like to welcome Vanessa Datoy Lacar, A successful International Student applicant to study in resiliency class education here in Canada.
It warms my heart to see the joy that Vancouver Island Caregivers brings to our students joining us in Nanaimo. Vanessa joined our team after a very long flight from the Philippines. And special thanks to our Immigration Consultant, Reynaldo Bahena for his joint effort and professional service helping Vanessa through the study and work permit process to come to Canada. Her dedication to service and kindness will ensure her future success. 4 weeks of approval and no interview… Welcome to Canada Vanessa😘


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