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We, at Vancouver Island Caregivers, understand the trust required in placing your loved one in the care of others. We will ensure a care plan that ensures your family member will receive the care required and more from our Caregivers, who understand the importance of independence and having the ability to continue doing things in one’s own home.

Vancouver Island Caregivers requires that their Caregivers hold completed training certificates, have a minimum of 1 year of work experience, have a clear criminal record and some candidates have a driver’s license.  Some may also have work experience in different countries. We hire only certified graduates of recognized accredited colleges. Vancouver Island Caregivers takes all staff through an in-depth process prior to employment to meet our company’s education, experience, and criminal clearance requirements.

Our Caregivers speak fluent English, are multicultural and multi-linguistic. We ensure that our Caregivers have received specialized training for the tasks they do and have excellent skills and experience working with people suffering from various illnesses, etc.  Our Caregivers also keep the client safe, whether the client is elderly, chronically ill, physically disabled or is child/children.  Our Caregivers are capable of maintaining their compassion and emotions at very difficult times. Our Caregivers are honest, pleasant, friendly and very respectful of each client and their family.  They will be punctual and flexible with time.

Caregiver Managing Director, Leydace Biano

Leydace Biano, Managing Director

I started my life in the Philippines. I am a dutiful daughter, wife and Mother. I am a success.

I am a success because I made a choice. My parents taught me to always strive for the best I can be, to have a good heart, to be kind and to dream. I worked long hard hours studying and working to make a better life for my family and myself. Even back then I knew there was more I could do, and somehow would do.

I came to Canada in 2007 under the Live-in Caregiver Program. After 3 1/2 years I earned my Permanent Residency.  My life was changed.  Working 2 full time jobs, I realized I have abilities and experience in giving compassionate care as well as in corporate management.  I knew I could offer more and do better for people than the services they were currently receiving.

In 2013 Vancouver Island Caregivers, , opened its doors. We have placed more than 3 dozen care aids and nurses with local families, some joining us from overseas and others homegrown. Growing again in 2016 due to requests, we expanded to include daily support and childcare. In 2019 we reached our goal as Nanaimo’s Premier Home Support Service.

I love serving my community and raising the bar in service.

Never give up your dream! Soar high, aim high!

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