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Our feet are the foundation of our bodies and are often abused when we stand, walk or run and they are often the first part of our bodies to let us know of any issues such as diabetes, poor circulation, and poor exercise practices. Our ability to function properly and our everyday reliance on our feet makes it paramount that we take good care of them. Good foot care practices will allow you to achieve any personal goals, allow for certain activities, more productive work and generally make life worth living.

About Sherry (Sher)

Sher Carter is a licensed foot care nurse providing professional foot care maintenance, keeping one’s feet healthy and pain-free.

Before starting Tick Tock Toes mobile foot care, Sherry worked 20+years in Healthcare Administration and Nursing. After a successful career in Complex care, Dementia and palliative care, Sherry now specializes in the foot care that so often goes awry.

Senior, diabetics, MS, and Huntington’s as well as many other afflictions. Assessing, care plan and maintenance is individualizes to each client.

I am happy in knowing my services make a difference. We sometimes take our feet for granted until we are in pain or can’t get our favorite pair of shoes on. I enjoy making a difference in my client lives.

Sher enjoys traveling with her husband and spending time with her family.

Sherry is available for your professional foot care needs and private consultations.
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