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Our feet are the foundation of our bodies and are often abused when we stand, walk or run and they are often the first part of our bodies to let us know of any issues such as diabetes, poor circulation, and poor exercise practices. Our ability to function properly and our everyday reliance on our feet makes it paramount that we take good care of them. Good foot care practices will allow you to achieve any personal goals, allow for certain activities, more productive work and generally make life worth living.

Our Mission

Vancouver Island Caregivers is based in the beautiful City of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, a vibrant treasure on the west coast of Canada. Nanaimo has a population of over 90,505 in 2016 and serves its larger regional district of 150,000. Nanaimo hosts a regional-level hospital, airport, theatres, the arts, parks, trails, and outdoor recreation. There is an active City Recreation Department with Seniors programming and 2 pool/recreation centres, with pool classes for Seniors

Nanaimo is the first choice for many retirees. We, at Vancouver Island Caregivers, recognize retirement living choices are many. We assist those who may need only a wee bit of assistance in order to manage around the house and get out and about and those who need more help for specific medical issues. Our service is entirely focused on your needs.

Our certified, friendly Live-in or Live-out Caregivers will assist you in all aspects of your care. They provide many types of services for children, the elderly, and those with a physical disability, for a short period or for as long as needed.

Our Location

Vancouver Island Caregivers is located in Nanaimo, nicknamed the Harbour City, (population over 90,505 in 2016) which is on the beautiful central East Coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Nanaimo is Vancouver Island’s second largest City with a district regional population of 150,000 and has a large and growing population of retired people. There is direct access to Vancouver via ferry (1hr. 45 mins.) and by float plane (20 mins.). Nanaimo is home to the second largest hospital and has all medical and health services. The climate here is mild with summers of 20-30 degrees and winters usually at 0-5 degrees, which means we hardly ever get snow.


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Nanaimo, British Columbia
Canada V9R 6S3
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